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Most Loved Songs
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Description: MOST LOVED SONGS CD is a masterpiece of artist Joey Daddario. It is, by far, his best work...and lots of it. 21 songs to be exact.Joey delivers 11 of his "most loved songs" plus 10 brand new, never released, songs. The 'most loved songs' are those songs that have received consistent feedback as listeners favorites. These songs were pulled from Joey's extensive collection of 6 album releases. No longer does the potential buyer have to think over which of his 6 albums would be the best choce - the decision is easy.
The MOST LOVED SONGS album comes at a street price of around $10 - a lot of bang for the buck. Currently available at live shows only.
Song Titles: 1.Red Letter Day +, 2.Connected +, 3.Livin' Alive +, 4.Today In Paradise, 5.Would You Stand Up For Jesus?, 6.Rocky The Great, 7.Miracle Mom, 8.On Common Ground +, 9.If The Son Sets You Free +, 10.Retreat, 11.Broken Together, 12.Back To Baltimore, 13.Christ Is Risen +(written with Jeanie Scheff), 14.In Search Of The Motherlode +, 15.Unintended Consequences +, 16.Silent Night (Christmas Carol Cats), 17.Stronger Than Ever +, 18.Fishers Of Men +, 19.It's Storytime, 20.A Day Without Addiction, 
KEY: "+" Indicates New Release.
November, 2008. All songs © 2008,
Recovery Oriented
Christian Music
Description: This is a collection of 10 heartfelt and passionate Christian recovery songs. These are well-constructed songs, both instrumentally and lyrically. These songs have helped addicts (and others in recovery) relate to, and identify, their feelings. Your heart and soul will be moved by the music on this CD. Other recovery programs that have found this music helpful: Survivors of emotional incest; sexual abuse; domestic violence awareness, overeaters groups.

Song Titles: Would You Stand Up For Jesus?, The Calling, Lotta Love In The World, Righteous Man, So Far, How Do I Pray About It?, Our Day Will Come, The Problem Is Me, One Misguided Soldier, A Day Without Addiction.

Joey & The Singing Zoo Revue

Description: Collection of 12 hilarious songs and skits (including a Christmas bonus track) will thrill kids and adults alike. A variety of song styles, from soft ballads to up-tempo dance-pop tunes, are guaranteed to strike your funny bone. Amazingly, real pet voices are used on these catchy 'toons'. You'll be singing along with them instantly - that is, if you can stop laughing. These songs contain well-constructed arrangements, both instrumentally and lyrically. Ingeniously created tracks include some theatrical skits where you'll hear animals and humans interacting.

Song Titles: What A Zoo, Litter Box Rock, Happy Tails (to you), Charlie Town, Rocky The Great, Little Furballs, America The Beautiful, Pet Talk, AhBahDahBahDoBahDa, Hide 'N Seek, It's Story Silent Night (bonus track)

Broken Together
Description: Original heartfelt songs. Influenced by love, life and Spirit, Joey pushes his personal envelope here, experimenting with a variety of pop-song formats. This is one interesting album of music. Includes 2 Holiday songs. REVIEW

Song Titles: Righteous Man, The Calling, Would You Stand Up For Jesus?, Lotta Love In The World, Miracle Mom, You've Got The Love, Easter Time Rap Rhyme, We Never Said Goodbye, As Long As I Loved You, Broken Together

Silent Night by the Christmas Carol Cats
Description: Voices of a real cat were recorded and then fed into a digital audio workstation. The result? Cats 'singing' Silent Night. This is hilarious - an instant classic. Other, instrumental only, Christmas songs have been added to nicely round out this CD. View album cover detail.

Song Titles: Silent Night ; Jingle Bells; We 3 Kings; The First Noel; Deck The Halls; Hark the Herald; Joy To The World.

Living in the Restless Age
Description: Collection of 12 stirring soft rock songs on an enhanced Audio CD.  Beautiful melodies & heartfelt lyrics capture your most secret feelings.  When placed in your computer this game-like interface allows interaction with the artist and access to freebies.

Song Titles: Retreat; Living In The Restless Age; Back To Baltimore; Broken Doll; Little Miss Perfect; Forbidden Feelings; Our Day Will Come; I Wait In The Wind; My Heart Is 6 Years Old; When Things Should Be Forgotten; One Misguided Soldier; A Day Without Addiction

Retreat, a story of domestic violence
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Description: This powerful & disturbing music video is the story of 2 children who witness their parents fighting and run off into the safe Retreat of a tree fort.  Images, set to a soft and sad song melody, typically evoke tears. On standard DVD tape format.

Music, Words & Phrases for Training, Volume 2
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Description: This disk contains 5,223 originally composed WAV and MIDI files including: Background scores, Sound effects, Button sounds, Words and Phrases for Training. Click here for details.

Retreat - Songs for Adult Children of Alcoholics

Description: A collection of 8 moving soft rock recovery songs which help ACoAs relate to (and identify) their feelings.  Your heart and soul will be moved by this music.

Song Titles: Retreat; Little Miss Perfect; Sad Inside; The Ways Of Love; I Can't Tell Anymore; How Do I Pray About It?; One Misguided Soldier; A Day Without Addiction now has high, audiophile, quality MP3 versions of these entire albums at discounted prices. Customers get the entire album as one zip download, which includes the MP3s, a JPG of the album art, and a text file of song titles, album notes. Click any CDbaby link below for these amazing offers!

Also has high quality mp3 versions of these entire albums. Click any link below.

  a. Songs for Adult Children Of Alcoholics (1991) CDbaby link
  b. (Enhanced CD)-Living In The Restless Age (1998) CDbaby link
  c. DVD - Music Video - RETREAT - on Domestic Violence Awareness (1999)
  d. Silent Night - The Christmas Carol Cats (2000) CDbaby link
  e. Music, Words, and Phrases for Training, Volume 2 (1998)
  f. Broken Together
(2003) CDbaby link
  g. Recovery Oriented Christian Music (2004) CDbaby link
  h. Joey & The Singing Zoo Revue (2004) CDbaby link

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