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Most Loved Songs
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MOST LOVED SONGS CD is a masterpiece of artist Joey Daddario. It is, by far, his best work...and lots of it. 21 songs to be exact.

Joey delivers 11 of his "most loved songs" plus 10 brand new, never released, songs. The 'most loved songs' are those songs that have topped listeners favorites lists. These songs were pulled from Joey's extensive collection of 6 album releases. No longer does the potential buyer have to think over which of his 6 albums would be the best choice - the decision is easy.

*The MOST LOVED SONGS album comes at a street price of around $10 - a lot of bang for the buck. Currently available only at live shows.

RELEASE DATE: November, 2008. All songs © 2008,

1.Red Letter Day +
2.Connected +
3.Livin' Alive +
4.Today In Paradise
5.Would You Stand Up For Jesus?
6.Rocky The Great
7.Miracle Mom
8.On Common Ground +
9.If The Son Sets You Free +
11.Broken Together
12.Back To Baltimore
13.Christ Is Risen + (written with Jeanie Scheff)
14.In Search Of The Motherlode +
15.Unintended Consequences +
16.Silent Night (Christmas Carol Cats)
17.Stronger Than Ever +
18.Fishers Of Men +
19.It's Storytime
20.A Day Without Addiction

                                            KEY: "+" Indicates New Release.

©2008 All rights reserved.
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