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You've been specially invited here by either Dr. Darrell Bledsoe, (Bravo Music),
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Special Recovery Songs
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Livin' Alive

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Reggae is back! A tribute to a beautiful island and it's people heroes. Uptempo. Fun. Heartfelt.

Back To Baltimore

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Moody Melodic. Heartfelt lyrics. Captures the 'you can never go home again' feeling. Pop/Country Ballad.

Fishers Of Men

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Christian ballad. A Story song about the men in the bible that were asked to drop what they were doing and "Follow Me".

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Broken Together

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Beautiful melody, heartfelt lyrics. For a dear friend with whom I went through recovery. Pop/Country Ballad.

Mother's Day Miracle Mom

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Beautiful easy listening song dedicated to the sweet Miracle of Motherhood. Pop/Country Ballad.

Litter Box Rock

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Playful Children's song. Upbeat. Danceable. Humorous. Similar to Don Was' "Walk The Dinosaur".

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