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Joey Daddario ~ singer-songwriter
"Your music has an important message. I felt like [your song] Little Miss Perfect was written about my life. You have taken a negative and turned it into an incredible positive to help others." 

Actress Suzanne Somers
Author "Keeping Secrets"

"...Broken Doll...from CD Living in the Restless Age - Joe produces very “radio compatible“ music but it has such a charme and's really different...these songs become like friends! Also very active in multimedia production. The CD has an extensive multimedia presentation, where you get to know all about Joe's world.  Including his recent video Retreat that tells a very touching story ... well again proof that if you are not with the big machine all music can be true 'n honest ! 

Lord Litter's TAPE DEPARTEMENT RADIO SHOW, Germany. Broadcasted via the eurowide RADIO MARABU NETWORK. (Marabu Shows are on air short- medium wave and FM across Europe)

" far as your cd is concerned, I do really find it excellent...not only the music is fine, but the multimedia presentation is very attractive. I'll try to include it in my 'cd of the week' list for this year.  It deserves it !!! 

Pierre Gerard, Planete Indie, Belgium,

"Joeys music offers truth and inspiration. His songs speak to my heart and bring a smile to my soul!" 

Claudia Black Ph.D., ACA Recovery Author
'It Will Never Happen to Me'&'Changing Course'

" revealing his own feelings, Joey allows the listener to identify with him and come out of that cold damp fog of emotions - in that revelation lies healing and spiritual growth." 

Journey Newspaper
Phoenix, AZ

"Joeys music provides the audience a very spiritual experience as it gets to the truth of past trauma. He is fantastic!" 

Pia Mellody
Recovery Author on Codependence

"Joey shares a divinely inspired vision: With a heartfelt song, break the painful barriers of isolation held within survivors of dysfunctional families." 

Network Newspaper
Atlanta Georgia

"Joey captures the soaring spirit of recovery and sets it free in a soul making journey of celebration and meaning." 

Terry Kellogg
Recovery Author 'Broken Toys/Dreams'

"The songs are great. I sat and sobbed through them twice. It was very therapeutic...[as] inner child and grief work [music]. 

Megan LeBoutillier
Recovery Author "Little Miss Perfect"

" Retreat by Joey is a remarkably affecting album...that can free you from any remaining denial or repression and send you further along your recovery path." 

Audrey DeLamarte, Sober Times Magazine
San Diego, CA

"Joey shares his feelings with others who came from similar [ACA] backgrounds. Retreat deals with pain, rejection and isolation and overcoming them all." 

Orange Coast Magazine
Orange County, CA

"Joeys songs help break the barrier of isolation by sharing with the listener the pain of abandonment. His song Sad Inside describes the isolation of ACA's as 'we are good at making things look good on the outside, but inside...' " 

Pilot Newspaper
Orange County, CA

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